Who we are

We are a specialized international consulting firm advising clients on telecommunications infrastructure investment, regulation, privatization, finance and training. We also advise governments on national health and education infrastructure projects. Great Village’s Managing Directors, Will Burnfield and Harry Wiebe, and our Associate Consultants have completed over 200 international projects in transitioning and developing economies across the globe. Our telecommunications expertise includes development of telecom sector policy and regulatory frameworks, evolution of national and regional broadband infrastructure, and training and capacity building of regulatory institutions and ministries. Great Village advises leading international financial institutions including the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, governments, regulators, operators and consulting firms.

Projects Completed by Great Village Consultants

Great Village has successfully completed projects across the globe – in Eastern Europe, Balkans, Asia, Africa and North America.

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Associate Consultants of Great Village International Consultants (GVIC) are not authorized to sign contracts or agreements on behalf of GVIC, or to legally or contractually bind GVIC in any way, or to offer services representing themselves as GVIC, a GVIC contractor or on behalf of GVIC.