Financial and Bank Projects - Banking Sector Restructuring and Reform - Asia & World

Projects completed by Great Village and its consultants.


Financial Advisor, Lao PDR: Financial Institutions Law in Lao PDR (2006—International Finance Corporation)

Michael Borish administered a contract to assist the central bank and parliament draft new financial sector legislation.


Financial Specialist, Malaysia: International Banking Standards Review (2006—Ernst & Young—Mumbai under contract to Asian Development Bank)

Michael Borish evaluated the financial sector developments in Malaysia with regard to convergence with international standards in banking (Basel II), capital markets (IOSCO) and insurance (IAIS)


Financial Consultant, Afghanistan: Reviewed financial sector reform strategy in Afghanistan (2003—World Bank)

Michael Borish evaluated post-conflict developments, banking trends, micro-finance groups, hawala, and recommendations for formal financial sector development and modernization in Afghanistan.


Financial Specialist, Iraq: Post-sanctions assistance to Iraq (2003—World Bank)

Michael Borish edited a paper and made substantive recommendations on how the World Bank could play a coordinating role in monitoring sanctions and "failed state" performance, and coordinating post-conflict assistance.


Financial Specialist, Afghanistan: Bank Reorganization Plan in Afghanistan (2003—World Bank)

Michael Borish evaluated business plan for restructuring of existing state banks, and reviewed redeployment plans for employees of other banks as part of civil service reform program of Government of Afghanistan.


Financial Specialist, Central Asia: Drafted background information for private sector and financial sector strategy development in Europe and Central Asia (2002—World Bank)

Michael Borish provided comprehensive input into private sector and financial sector strategy development for the Europe and Central Asia region based on World Bank Group strategy imperatives.


Financial Specialist, East Asia: Review of banking sector reform strategies in East Asia (2000—KPMG/The Barents Group)

Michael Borish assessed differing approaches to and results from banking sector restructuring programs in Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Financial Consultant, East Asia: Restructuring progress in East Asia (1999—World Bank)

Michael Borish reviewed progress to date in the financial and corporate sectors of China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam in the aftermath of the 1997 financial crisis.





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