Education & Training

Educational planning has been the major work of the founding principal of Great Village for 15 years. Successful projects undertaken around the globe have provided a broad range of clients with successful solutions utilizing a full range of education and training alternatives. Improving access to education is the foundation for economic and societal growth in developing and transitioning economies. Great Village's project implementation methods, proven in a wide range of successful projects, focus on providing sustainable results by working in close cooperation with all levels of government, project management units, primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, technical vocational schools and other groups involved in education and training. The availability of a suitably trained labour force is a foundation for economic growth in all countries. Great Village principals and associates have worked extensively with potential employers, training institutions and governments to develop and enhance training and vocational programs, with the goal of ensuring that the real needs of clients and project beneficiaries are fulfilled.


Great Village provides the following services in the education sector:
  • Project preparation and appraisal support
  • Project management advisement for PMUs and PIUs that are executing IFI-funded projects
  • Education and training policy, planning and management including educational master plans
  • Basic, secondary and higher education planning
  • Adult training and management training
  • Technical training and vocational education and training
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development and implementation of programs to improve quality and cost efficiency
  • Facilities design and set up of new greenfield schools and training centres
  • Design of computer-based testing systems
  • Establishment of distance education systems and other programs to improve access to education
  • Design and delivery of courses
  • Curriculum development and restructuring
  • Accreditation and certification
  • Forecasting equipment needs and procurement


Project Preparation (Government) and Appraisal (IFI) Support
  • Liaise with government ministries to design and prepare projects for investment by multilateral development agencies
  • Work together with government officials to determine and confirm project priorities and ensure that they conform to IFI development goals
  • Examine project sites and existing plans to determine whether these adhere to project guidelines
  • Review socioeconomic and demographic data to develop appropriate project components
  • Calculate and confirm recurrent costs and their impact on component sustainability
  • Coordinate with education donors to benefit from sector experience and insure coordinated efforts
  • Prepare / appraise project components in detail, including required categories of expenditure, lists of goods and services, and project implementation schedules
  • Calculate / confirm detailed project costs by component and category of expenditure, showing FE and LC elements and indicating sources of finance
  • Review preparation reports with government and stakeholders


Project Management / Implementation Advisement
  • Assist project implementation units with long and short term project management support
  • Expedite project start-ups including establishing appropriate accounts
  • Procure vehicles and equipment in line with funding institution's guidelines
  • Develop TOR and retain consultants adhering to IFI requirements and monitor selection and recruitment
  • Prepare detailed work plans and implementation schedules
  • Format and prepare documents for IFI review and approval (such as specific procurement notices, short lists, pre-qualification forms, draft contracts, QPPRs, project budget and project accounts)
  • Establish efficient project management unit offices including layout, furnishing and equipping of offices, and selection and procurement of appropriate office equipment, including copiers, communications, systems, computers and software
  • Support all office staff with office software applications


Education and Training Policy, Planning and Management
  • Education and training plans, strategy and policy design
  • Development of master plans to assist clients in translating long-range strategic, academic, operational and management goals into comprehensive master plans
  • Advice on education and training policy reform
  • Education and training requirements evaluation
  • Structuring and enhancement of education and training systems
  • Institutional structuring and enhancement of educational policy and consultative boards
  • Education and training funding and legal structures
  • Design and restructuring of monitoring and evaluation procedures and systems


Feasibility Studies, Space Utilization and Needs Assessment Studies
  • Feasibility plans for new educational buildings and institutions, school additions,institutional restructurings and reorganizations, consolidation of requirements within existing facilities
  • Evaluate academic, environmental, financial and operational impacts of proposed projects
  • Quantitative and qualitative reviews of existing facilities
  • Assess organizational needs and space requirements
  • Formulation of clients' needs into detailed facility requirements for use by architects and engineers during the detailed design phase of a building


Technical Training and Vocational Education and Training
  • Development of demand-driven technical and vocational education and training programs and master plans
  • Training methodology and instructional technology
  • Training needs assessment and labour market research
  • Launching and support of vocational education and training institutions
  • Training of technical and vocational teachers and management
  • Assessment and restructuring of existing training and vocational systems
  • Technical and vocational training in the informal sector of the economy


Great Village Approach to Education and Training

Great Village draws on the experience of its highly qualified multinational associates as well as the knowledge gained from years of successful educational consulting around the world. The Great Village approach recognizes the following:

  • Teacher training and skills upgrading programs are critical to obtaining the educational quality demanded by government policy
  • Appropriate teaching materials, texts, and educational resources are necessary to support teaching staff
  • Provision of education to females provides broad societal and economic benefits
  • Vocational training targeted to meet specific sectoral labour requirements is worth the cost
  • Communities value education more if they are empowered as partners through frequent dialogue throughout project design and implementation, including site selection, school construction, teacher accommodation and training costs, provision of teaching materials and school maintenance and repair
  • A successful education project benefits a broad range of people; the broader the participation by interested groups, the greater the benefit to communities
  • Project-specific innovative solutions must be tailored to the training and education needs of the client and the community




Overview of Education and Training.

Recent Project Experience

Great Village principals and associates have worked extensively with potential employers, training institutions and governments to develop and enhance training and vocational programs.

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