Health Services

Developing nations must manage an unprecedented infectious diseases burden, most notably HIV/AIDS and malaria, in addition to the many existing health problems in tropical and subtropical countries. Paired with high population growth, this burden has created a growing resource gap for many governments. Health services in developing and transitioning countries are provided by several levels of government (national, regional, district, and community programs) and numerous groups including communities, families, individuals such as traditional birth attendants, NGOs and religious groups and women's groups. These organizations are funded through a variety of sources, including revenues from governments, donor countries, NGOs, international financial institutions, religious organizations and family sources. Coordinating these many inputs to ensure a functioning healthcare system is a complex task, requiring experienced advice. Having acquired many years of experience in the developing world, Great Village principals and associates are well-positioned to support countries as they improve their health systems through decentralization, training, emphasis on primary health care, greater accountability, and expansion of the role of the private sector, all of which reflect common trends in developing countries.


Great Village provides the following services in the health sector:
  • Facilities programming and planning for new construction, rehabilitation and renovation and other infrastructure improvement programs for hospitals and other health facilities
  • Project appraisal missions
  • Healthcare resources training policies and programs
  • Quality management systems for medical services, management and administrative services including personnel, budgeting and accounting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Programs to improve quality and cost efficiency
  • Development of sustainable maintenance programs for health care facilities, providing for preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Planning, costing, supplier identification and procurement of healthcare equipment including provision of tender documents with neutral tender-ready specifications for equipment and bid assessment
  • Creation and implementation of project monitoring systems
  • Health sector user needs assessment
  • Preparation of national norms and standards for basic health facilities, including standard treatment schedules, supervision and costing to modify existing facilities to meet proposed standards


Facilities Planning and Programming
  • Facilities programming and planning for new construction, rehabilitation and renovation and other infrastructure improvement programs for hospitals and other health facilities
  • Evaluate cost-effectiveness of providing health care at primary versus higher levels of care
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessments of existing healthcare facilities
  • Prepare detailed design briefs for use by architects and engineers based on client requirements
  • Work with government ministries to prepare projects for investment by international financing institutions
  • Support executing agencies and project management units with short and long term project management


Project Appraisal
  • Review country- and district-specific information to design projects that will have an impact on the major causes of morbidity and mortality, and address cross-cutting gender and poverty issues;
  • Liaise with government officials in order to ascertain component priorities and ensure that they conform to IFI development goals
  • Inspect and review project sites and existing architectural plans to determine whether these are conducive to project requirements
  • Collect and analyze socioeconomic and demographic data to guide content of project components
  • Determine recurrent cost implications and how the proposed project will impact poverty reduction, gender, sustainability and environment
  • Coordinate with all donors in the sector to learn lessons and avoid duplication
  • Prepare project components in detail, including required categories of expenditure, lists of goods and services, and project implementation schedules
  • Calculate detailed project costs by component and category of expenditure, showing foreign exchange and local cost elements and indicating sources of finance
  • Review preparation reports with government and stakeholders


Project Management Support
  • Training national project management teams in the field
  • Assist in expediting project start-ups including establishing appropriate accounts
  • Procurement of vehicles and equipment in line with funding institution's guidelines
  • Develop terms of reference and retain consultants adhering to IFI requirements and participate in selection and recruitment
  • Prepare detailed work plans and implementation schedules
  • Format and prepare documents to be sent to IFI management for review and approval (such as specific procurement notices, short lists, pre-qualification forms, draft contracts, quarterly progress reports, project budget and project accounts)
  • Establish efficient and effective project management unit offices including layout, furnishing and equipping of offices, and selection and procurement of appropriate office equipment including copiers, communications systems, computers and software
  • Support all office staff with office software applications


Great Village Approach to Health Sector Advisement

Great Village principals and associates have trained in countries of both the North and the South and have gained extensive development experience throughout the world. When planning for Health, Great Village recognizes the following:

  • High quality pre-service training and continual in-service upgrading of health professionals is essential to achieving the health standards required by government
  • Access to pedagogical materials, research equipment and texts are necessary to support medical teachers and practitioners
  • Provision of primary health care through preventive measures, often in rural areas, is a more cost-effective use of limited resources than tertiary level care using curative methods, usual in urban areas
  • Communities are more likely to patronize and support health centres if they are consulted at the planning stage and throughout the design of the project regarding site selection, services required, health personnel housing and health facility maintenance
  • Health services that focus on women and children (reproductive health, mother-child health) are the basis of healthy communities




Overview of Health Sector.

Recent Project Experience

Great Village principals and associates are well-positioned to support countries as they improve their health systems.

Great Village consultants at project meeting.