Selected Health Sector Projects

Consultant Architect, Jamaica Second HIV/AIDS Project – World Bank (US$10.0 million)

This project assists in the government's HIV/AIDS Program which deepens prevention interventions, increases access to treatment, care and support services, and strengthens program management in responding to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other priority health problems.

Harry Wiebe's work included on-site and desk reviews of the civil works for the planned expansion of the Port Antonio Health Centre and reviewing the client's adherence to Bank-mandated environmental safeguards.


Consultant Architect, Health Care in the South Central Coast Region Project, Vietnam – Asian Development Bank (US$80.0 million)

The project intends to improve the health status of the population in the south central coast region, in particular the poor, women and children, and ethnic minorities, including reproductive health care. As part of the larger goal, the Project is upgrading health facilities in eight target provinces to increase access and improve the quality of services.

As the International Consultant Architect, retained directly by the Ministry of Health, Harry Wiebe has been providing implementation support to the PMU in Hanoi in civil works planning, design review, and the application of ADB and international standards. His role with construction supervision is ongoing.


Consultant Architect, Tanzania Secondary Education Program II (value not disclosed):

Under APL 1, of this 10-year program, the focus is to improve the quality of secondary education with a focus on the low access groups. During the 5-year APL, up to 400 secondary schools will be completed and brought up to minimum standards.

As the consultant architect Harry Wiebe has been involved with preparation and pre-appraisal, focusing on planning the designs, costing and implementation of hundreds of secondary schools.


International Civil Works Consultant, Laos: Laos Health Sector Improvement Project (World Bank): US$ 15.0 million

This project aims to improve social outcomes and reduce vulnerability through improved health management and service delivery. The investment includes physical improvements to several major hospitals as well as the construction of disctrict hospitals and health centres in the southern provinces.

Harry Wiebe has been contracted directly by the Ministry of Health to advise on the execution of the civil works for the project. This requires in-country visits three times a year as well as desk reviews.


Consultant Architect, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, PANCAP: HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Projects (World Bank): US$ 3.0 - 7.0 million

These seven projects share similar goals in supporting national programs that aim to prevent and control the spread of HIV/AIDS and to mitigate the socio-economic impact of the disease on the population.

For the duration of the project, Harry Wiebe has been supervising the construction components of these projects, including a blood bank, an orphanage, laboratories, health centres, office buildings, and testing facilities.


Consultant Architect, Mozambique: Study for Maintenance of Social Sector Infrastructure (African Development Bank)

The Study assessed the process of facilities and equipment maintenance and made recommendations for improvement.

Harry Wiebe worked with two specialists in Mozambique, reviewing maintenance-related organizational structures, policy framework, procedures, and current resource allocation and performance to prepare a study that assisted the Government of Mozambique and social sector donors to improve the maintenance procedures of schools, health clinics and hospitals.


Team Leader / Consultant Architect, Laos: Feasibility Study to Support Project Preparation for World Bank Health Sector Improvement Project (World Bank / CIDA INC): US$ 15.0 million

This feasibility study assisted the Lao Ministry of Health in preparing and defining the civil works that are funded under the World Bank Health Services Improvement project. The overall project supports health development in rural areas and for vulnerable groups generally.

For the study, Harry Wiebe led a team of ten professionals in preparing construction briefs, development plans, standard designs, and other professional services for a range of health facilities in Vientiane and rural areas. The team included architects as well as environmental, financial, and gender specialists. Mr. Wiebe spent 14 weeks in Laos. He had full responsibility for the overall work by the team. The team included staff from Planning Alliance of Toronto and Hickling Corp. of Ottawa, Canada.


Consultant Architect, Eritrea: Health Project and HAMSET Control Project (World Bank): US$ 21.1 million

This project was designed to strengthen access to secondary care in two zones (regions) to strengthen health services nationally and to build capacity for program management.

Harry Wiebe supported a World Bank supervision team, with responsibility for supervision of civil works focusing on the construction of two referral hospitals in Barentu and Mendefera. His supervision continued and culminated with completion reporting.


Consultant Architect, Mozambique: Health Sector Recovery Program (World Bank): US$ 98.7 million - IDA

This program was designed to increase health coverage of the population from 40% to 60% during a 5-year period. Components included health infrastructure rehabilitation and construction, facility maintenance strategies, stabilizing medical supplies, strengthening central and regional management, and supporting in-service training for a broad range of medical professionals.

Harry Wiebe provided the final supervision of the civil works for this project, which included several rural hospitals, training institutions, and supply depots. His work was to report on the status of all civil works and to advise on the winding up of the soon-to-close project. As Consultant Architect to the World Bank, Mr. Wiebe joined the Bank team to conduct the Implementation Completion Report (ICR) for this project.


Consultant Architect, Kenya: Support to the Health Sector Strategic Plan (African Development Fund)

This proposed project was designed to rehabilitate 6 district hospitals and provide funding for a large number of community health programs, all to be managed at the district level.

Harry Wiebe spent five weeks in Kenya with a consultant economist and health planner to prepare this major health project. In addition to the architectural aspects, Mr. Wiebe was responsible for all cost estimates and tables. As Team Leader, Mr. Wiebe was responsible for the final report. He assisted in revising and updating the preparation report.


Consultant Architect, Mauritius: Mauritius Support to the National Health Plan Project (African Development Bank): US$ 25.7 million

This project was designed to contribute towards the improvement of health status in Mauritius through upgrading of Dr. Jeetoo Hospital, capacity building, and health promotion activities.

Harry Wiebe worked with an ADB task manager and health economist to appraise the project in Mauritius. This was followed by three weeks of reporting and presentation at Bank headquarters in Abidjan. Mr. Wiebe was responsible for architectural aspects and for developing all project costs in standard ADB spreadsheets and tables.


Project Manager, Kenya: Rural Health Project II (African Development Bank): US$ 14 million - ADF

This community-based health care project included rehabilitation and construction of health centres in seven rural districts, personnel training, and community education. The project focused on health promotion, disease prevention, and simple curative activities - all through community participation.

Harry Wiebe was engaged to act as project management specialist to the Ministry of Health-based Project Management Unit. His responsibilities included management, contract administration, budget planning, construction issues, procurement, development of TOR for consultants, and training of members of the PMU. Mr. Weibe undertook a 3-week supervision mission of this project.




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