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2020 – Nigeria – Broadband Options: Advisor to World Bank and Government of Nigeria Broadband Plan Committee, which is developing the nation's policy to support rollout of broadband infrastructure across the countries and decisions by the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy.

2019 – Uzbekistan – Advisor to World Bank and Government of Uzbekistan on development of a Telecommunications Sector Transformation and Infrastructure Development Roadmap to guide the sector 2019-2022, incorporating the World Bank's Digital CASA program to support development of the digital economy in this rapidly growing country with the largest population in Central Asia.

2017–2019 – Republic of the Marshall Islands – ICT Sector Analysis and NTA Readiness Assessment – GVIC team advised Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority (the sole, state-owned operator in the country) and the Cabinet of the President, completing a telecommunications market demand assessment; analysis of strategic options (including management contract, privatization and PPP) to increase infrastructure investments and financial and operational performance.

2017–2018 – Myanmar – Establishment of New Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. Advised Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to establish the Myanmar Communications Commission (MCC) – the planned independent sector regulator (with Incyte Consulting)

2017 – Papua New Guinea – Economic and Technical Regulation Consulting Assistance to National ICT Authority (NICTA): Market Assessment of wholesale access markets for infrastructure and services, and determination of regulatory solutions including development of new regulations and license conditions for infrastructure access and sharing. Assessment of market conditions, service pricing and obstacles to competition in wholesale markets, retail mobile and fixed markets. Recommendations to improve access conditions include amendments to Standard and Specific Licensing Rule and other regulatory instruments.

2017 – Papua New Guinea – Development of Universal Access and Service Strategy for UAS Secretariat: Development of PNG Universal Access and Service Strategy for the UAS Secretariat. Advising NICTA on development of strategy for rollout of UAS projects, including costing, prioritization, consultations with operators and training for UAS Secretariat and NICTA. 3 year UAS strategy for UAS Secretariat, including identification of access gaps, priority projects, costing, planned fund revenues, consultations with operators, training workshops for UAS Secretariat and NICTA.

2017 – Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines – Broadband Backbone Networks: A GVIC team advised the Governments of three Caribbean countries on contract negotiation and implementation of a PPP to manage construction a fiber optic submarine cable between Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Government Wide Area Networks (GWANs) in three countries and provision of internet access in schools. GVIC's team included legal, technical, engineering and financial advisors.

May 2016 – West Africa Power Pool (WAPP) – Dark Fiber: William Burnfield was engaged by the World Bank to advise on agreements regarding use of WAPP's dark fiber for telecommunications purposes.

May 2016 – Papua New Guinea – 3G Upgrade: National ICT Authority (NICTA) of Papua New Guinea announced the results of a tender process to subsidize the upgrade of telecommunications networks to 3G / 4G / LTE.

April 2016 – East Caribbean – New Regulations: GVIC conducted a workshop on April 12, 2016 in St. Lucia for government ministers of communications of six East Caribbean countries and the board of the East Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) to review and discuss new draft regulations to implement components of the new Electronic Communications Bill proposed for adoption in ECTEL member states. GVIC also led presentations at a stakeholder meeting in St. Lucia on April 14 to discuss the draft regulations. Stakeholders from St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis participated by video link.

February to May 2016 – East Caribbean – New Regulations: East Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) published for public consultation comments draft regulations for Consumer Protection Rules of the ICT Sector, Market Analysis Guidelines, Retail Pricing, Submarine Cable Access, Access to Network Infrastructure and Wholesale Services, and Infrastructure Sharing. GVIC is advising St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the development of the Regulations.

January 2016 – São Tomé & Principe - Will Burnfield authored a paper for the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI). The paper is entitled: "How can Public-Private Partnership (PPP) strategies for ICT infrastructure be implemented effectively?" In a new short paper, Will Burnfield, Managing Director of GVIC, looks at the experience of São Tomé & Principe - a small island nation in Africa that successfully used PPPs to expand ICT infrastructure and reduce costs to both service providers and consumers. The paper can be accessed here.

June 2015 – Myanmar: Incyte Consulting and GVIC have been selected by the Government of Myanmar to advise the Myanmar Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on the establishment of the Myanmar Communications Commission, the new independent regulator for the sector.

June 2015 – Kiribati – Universal Access Plan: GVIC completed the development of a Universal Access Plan for Kiribati that will guide the funding decisions of the UA Fund and be a roadmap to make services, infrastructure and digital devices more widely available in the country.

May 2015 – St. Lucia, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines: A Joint Venture by GVIC (Toronto), Bird & Bird law firm (Paris), and JIDCOM Telecommunications Engineering (Paris) has been appointed by Caribbean Telecommunications Union to advise regional telecommunications regulator Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP) and local Caribbean country regulators on regulation of submarine cables, national backbone and local loop, Internet Exchange Points.

May 2015 – Vanuatu: GVIC has been engaged by OpenRevolution and Integra LLC to advise the Office of the Prime Minister of Vanuatu and Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) on negotiations for wholesale access to submarine cable and development of a financial model for wholesale access.

Feb 2015 – The Gambia: GVIC was appointed to advise the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), the telecommunications, energy and water regulator in The Gambia on development of its Strategic Plan 2016-2018, training and capacity building plan and organizational structure.

April 2015 – Democratic Republic of Congo: GVIC is a member of the advisory team led by Compagnie Financière CADMOS which is advising the Government of Democratic Republic of Congo (Le Comite de Pilotage de la Reforme des Entreprises dur Portefeuille de l'Etat) on the design, financing and construction of DRC components of Central African Backbone (CAB5 project).

February 2015 – Kiribati: GVIC has been engaged by the Ministry of Communications, Transport and Tourism Development (MCTTD) of Kiribati on the development of the nation's Universal Access Plan.

April 2015 – Mozambique Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI): Will Burnfield led a workshop for government, operators and other stakeholders on the fiscal impact of taxation of the telecommunications sector in Mozambique. GVIC is preparing an economic study on the impact on the overall Mozambique economy of optimization of taxes and duties on the telecommunications sector.

July 2014 – Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: GVIC consultant Michael Jensen advised National ICT Authority on implementation of the new Universal Access Regulations adopted by NICTA. GVIC advised on development of the regulations and procedures to provide funding for rural telecommunications projects. GVIC is also advising NICTA on tender processes for several projects funded by the new Universal Access Fund.

June 2014 – Monrovia, Liberia: Stephane de Vaucelles and Will Burnfield met with Liberian Deputy Minister of Finance to discuss options for divestiture of the Government's interest in Cable Consortium of Liberia (CCL), which owns the ACE submarine landing station. GVIC is part of a consortium led by Brussels-based Compagnie Financière Cadmos, including Bird & Bird law firm and JIDCOM telecom engineering advisory firm of Paris. David Rogerson and Will Burnfield also met with the board of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority and telecom operators to finalize the new universal access fund regulations. Incyte Consulting of Scotland, GVIC and Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO) are advising the Liberian regulator as part of the World Bank-funded West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Project (WARCIP).

April 2014 – Sierra Leone: GVIC is assisting a consortium led by Bmp Consultants (Germany) and Paris law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel to advise SALCAB, which owns the nation's submarine cable landing station and is constructing the national and regional fiber optic backbone in Sierra Leone in preparation of the business and financing plan for the establishment of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the backbone.

June 2013 – Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: Will Burnfield led training for the Kyrgyz regulator and telecom operators on trends in best practice for policy and regulation of the ICT sector.

May 01, 2013 – Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: Great Village selected to advise PNG’s National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) on establishment of Universal Access Secretariat. Great Village is advising NICTA on the implementation of Papua New Guinea's universal access fund. Great Village telecom regulatory experts will provide training in universal access implementation to build the capacity of NICTA, establish a UAS Secretariat within NICTA capable of designing and implementing the universal access plan and develop Universal Access/Service regulations and procedures. Great Village is leading a consortium that includes DNTA and Tanorama Consultants of Papua New Guinea.

January 01, 2013 – London, United Kingdom: Great Village co-authored EBRD 2012 Electronic Communication Sector Comparative Assessment - Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, including Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. The EBRD assessment is available online at The EBRD report was co-authored by Premiere Dynamics Limited and Great Village International Consultants Inc., with contributing assistance from Cullen International and other sector specialists. The report provides an in-depth assessment of the legal and regulatory frameworks for the electronic communications markets in 31 countries of EBRD operation.

Digital Switchover presentations at the December 07 conference. December 07, 2012 – Tbilisi, Georgia: The consortium led by the firm J.Kanervisto Consulting of Finland, including Great Village and Cullen International, which is advising the Government of Georgia on Digital Switchover and development of policy for the telecommunications sector, led a conference on Digital Switchover in Tbilisi on 7th December 2012. The conference was led by Dimitri Kumsishvili, First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, and initiated the consultation process to finalize the country's Digital Switchover process. Over 60 representatives from various stakeholders participated in the conference.

Will Burnfield (Great Village) leads attendees through a presentation on he Impact of Broadband Access and
  Fiscal Policy on Economic Development November 12, 2012 – Maputo, Mozambique: GVIC and Pyramid Research led a series of workshops in Maputo, Mozambique on the Impact of Broadband Access and Fiscal Policy on Economic Development the week of November 12 2012. Participants included telecommunications regulator INCM, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Autoridade Tributaria, Direccao Geral das Alfandegas (Customs Duties) and Direccao Geral oz Impostos

October 01, 2012 – Yerevan, Armenia: Great Village consultant Will Burnfield is advising the Armenian Public Service Regulatory Commission (PSRC) on development of telecommunications infrastructure access regulations a part of the EBRD Electronic Communications Regulatory Development Project led by Telecon Consulting and J.Kanervisto Consulting of Finland and Astec Global of Ireland. He will also advise PSRC on measures to promote universally available broadband services, development of market analysis regulations and analysis of wholesale broadband and infrastructure markets.

Will Burnfield (Great Village), Peter Lundy (Premier Dynamics), Paul Moffatt, EBRD Will Burnfield conference presentation on Spectrum Liberalization September 26, 2012 – Amman, Jordan: Will Burnfield of Great Village and Peter Lundy of Premier Dynamics presented the results of the EBRD 2012 Communications Sector Comparative Assessment at an EBRD conference in Amman, Jordan. Over 80 government and telecom industry representatives from 24 countries attended the conference. The comprehensive EBRD Assessment evaluated the legal and regulatory frameworks for the electronic communications markets in 31 countries of EBRD operation, including with respect to their openness to investment. Great Village led the legislative assessment component and Premier Dynamics led the regulatory assessment. EBRD will publish the final Assessment online on EBRD’s website in November 2012. Will Burnfield also led presentations at the conference on "Broadband Markets and Services and Next Generation Infrastructure" and "Liberalizing the Spectrum".

March 05, 2012 – Maputo, Mozambique: A consortium comprised of Pyramid Research, Great Village, Incyte Consulting (Scotland) and Vieira de Almeida signed a contract with the National Institute of Communications of Mozambique (INCM), the national telecommunications regulator, to advise INCM on amendment of the telecommunications law to address convergence, unified licensing, technology neutrality, competition regulation and SMP designations; develop a range of regulations to implement the amendments; develop cost models; provide support for tariff regulation and conduct an analysis of fiscal impact of taxes and fees applied to telecommunications operators.

November 10, 2011 – London, United Kingdom: GVIC was appointed by EBRD to carry out a comparative legislative assessment of the telecommunications frameworks of 26 countries, including all CIS countries, the Balkan region, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt (recent EBRD members), Morocco and Jordan (recently applied for EBRD membership) and Libya. The analysis will evaluate alignment of these countries’ laws with EU telecommunications framework and international best practice.

Celebrating launch Georgia EBRD project: Prof. Martin Cave, Aleski Aleksishvili (former Minister of Finance & Minister of Economy of Georgia), Will Burnfield, Colin Dabisza (GVIC), Peter Quinn (Marquest), Peter Lundy (DDL), Lasha Meskhia (PMCG). October 27, 2011 – Tbilisi, Georgia: Advice to Republic of Georgia Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the Georgian telecommunications and broadcasting regulator, GNCC. Great Village and Cullen International are part of a consortium led by the firm J. Kanervisto Consulting of Finland appointed by government and EBRD to advise the Ministry and GNCC over the next 18 months on policy, spectrum, broadband development and infrastructure sharing issues.

Image 1: Celebrating launch Georgia EBRD project: Prof. Martin Cave, Aleski Aleksishvili (former Minister of Finance & Minister of Economy of Georgia), Will Burnfield, Colin Dabisza (GVIC), Peter Quinn (Marquest), Peter Lundy (DDL), Lasha Meskhia (PMCG).

Telecom Sector Strategy Workshop: Pavel Filip (Moldovan Minister of Information Technologies and Communications), Peter Lundy (Telecom Consultant), Dieter Staudacher (Senior Legal Counsel, Austrian Telecommunications and Broadcasting Regulator RTR), Will Burnfield (GVIC), Paul Moffatt (Senior Counsel, EBRD), Sergiu Sitnic (Director, ANRCETI telecom regulator) Press conference in Chisinau on October 4, 2011. Paul Moffatt (EBRD), Sergiu Sitnic (Director, ANRCETI), Will Burnfield (GVIC) October 04, 2011 – Chisinau, Moldova: GVIC led an EBRD Strategy Workshop to highlight the role of the telecom sector as a catalyst for broad economic growth in modern economies, and discuss achievements and challenges facing the Moldovan telecom sector.

Image 1: Telecom Sector Strategy Workshop: Pavel Filip (Moldovan Minister of Information Technologies and Communications), Peter Lundy (Telecom Consultant), Dieter Staudacher (Senior Legal Counsel, Austrian Telecommunications and Broadcasting Regulator RTR), Will Burnfield (GVIC), Paul Moffatt (Senior Counsel, EBRD), Sergiu Sitnic (Director, ANRCETI telecom regulator)
Image 2: Press conference in Chisinau on October 4, 2011. Paul Moffatt (EBRD), Sergiu Sitnic (Director, ANRCETI), Will Burnfield (GVIC)

June 2011 – Monrovia, Liberia: In association with Incyte Consulting (Scotland), Great Village was selected by the Liberia Telecommunications Authority to advise on the development of a regulatory regime and license for the new ACE Monrovia cable landing point (CCL). Incyte and GVIC are advising on development of the landing point’s license, market analysis, SMP designation and price cap regulation.

Ashgabat, capital of Turkmenistan May 16, 2011 – Ashgabat, Turkmenistan: Turkmenistan Mobile Communications Sector Advisory May 2011. Will Burnfield advised the Government of Turkmenistan on privatization options for Altyn Asyr, the government owned mobile operator, and the award of new GSM licenses, as part of an EBRD advisory team.

Image 1: Ashgabat, capital of Turkmenistan

October 28-29, 2010 – Lviv, Ukraine: Will Burnfield is Guest Speaker at the Emerging Capital Markets Professional and Executive Development Program at Lviv Business School, in Ukraine. For more details see:

October 4-5, 2010 – Yerevan, Armenia: Will Burnfield is leading training for the national regulator of Armenia, PSRC, and telecom companies on World Trends in Telecommunications Sector and Regulatory Reform.

September 26-30, 2010 – Chisinau, Moldova: Great Village International Consultants experts led a Strategy Workshop for the Moldovan telecommunications regulator, ANRCETI, in Chisinau, Moldova. Great Village International Consultants is leading a comprehensive two year EBRD project to implement the 2008 Moldovan Law on Electronic Communications and align Moldova’s regulatory framework with European Union Directives. The project includes 12 international experts who are working directly with ANRCETI on training, development of a range of regulations, market analysis, cost modeling and other activities. See

September 9, 2010 – Podgorica, Montenegro: The Government of Montenegro today approved the Decree on Universal Service, which was developed with the advice of Great Village International Consultants. The Minister for Maritime Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications noted that the objective of the Decree is to conform with EU legislation and implement the 2008 Montenegrin Law on Electronic Communications. The telecommunications regulator, EKIP, will adopt regulations developed with the advice of Great Village to implement the decree and establish a Universal Service Fund.

July 2010 – São Tomé and Príncipe: Will Burnfield was appointed Financial and Technical Advisor to the Government of São Tomé and Príncipe and the national regulator (AGER) regarding membership in the ACE cable consortium, the regulatory framework to support ACE cable landing point, business plan and financial model for the Special Purpose Vehicle.

June 3-5, 2010 – Paris, France: Will Burnfield was in Paris working with the World Bank team advising the Government of São Tomé and Príncipe, in preparation for the signing of ACE Cable Construction and Maintenance Agreement.

March 2010 – Monrovia, Liberia: Will Burnfield is advising the Government of Liberia on international broadband connectivity options including membership in the ACE cable sponsored by France Telecom and the regulatory environment required to support the ACE cable landing point.

March 2010 – Maputo, Mozambique: Will Burnfield was appointed to advise the Mozambique telecommunications regulator, INCM, on the international tender process to award a third mobile license and develop infrastructure sharing and national roaming regulations.

February 2010 – Vientiane, Laos PDR: Harry Wiebe is entering his third year of a contract with the Lao Ministry of Health, providing project management services for a World Bank-funded health project. Construction of health centres and district hospitals is nearing completion. The building housing the Faculty of Medical Sciences has been completely renovated and the staff and students are delighted with their like-new building. Construction of an addition to Mahosot Hospital in central Vienitiane is well underway and when completed will house a much needed suite of operationg theatres with associated wards. Major renovations to another Vientiane hospital, Mittaphab, are past the halfway mark and will bring this aging building up to a modern standards.

February 2010 – Lutsk, Ukraine: Will Burnfield advised Ukrainian SMEs on strategic and financial management including how to survive the global financial crisis, while at the Northwestern Regional Centre for Innovation Development, a unit of the State Agency of Ukraine for Investment and Innovation, the week of February 21.

December 2009 – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Harry Wiebe appointed as Consultant Architect to assist the World Bank and the Tanzanian Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in the preparation of an education project that will see over 400 secondary schools constructed in the next four years. This is part of a 10-years-long government initiative to bring all Tanzanian secondary schools up to a minimum standard.

May 2009 – Kampala, Uganda: Harry Wiebe was appointed as Consultant Architect to assist the Ministry of Health to prepare for a major investment in health infrastructure, to be cofinanced by the World Bank. Up to 16 general hospitals and 27 health centres will be rehabilitated under this initiative.

January 28, 2010 – Montenegro: Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications and EKIP, the Montenegro telecommunications regulator, announced the commencement of a consultation process to obtain comment on draft universal service Government Decree and regulations. Great Village International Consultants is advising the Ministry and EKIP on the development of the regulations, which comply with the EU Universal Service Directive as updated by the EU 2010 Telecommunications Sector Framework. The Great Village regulatory advisory team includes experts from the Austrian Broadcasting & Telecom Regulatory Authority, RTR. The project is funded by EBRD. Deadline for submission of comments on the draft Government decree and regulations is March 3, after which they will be finalized for adoption by the Government.

January 21, 2010 – Moldova: Great Village International Consultants to help NRTIT to work out strategy for regulation of telecommunication market
Publication: Infotag - Daily news bulletin
January 21, 2010 (13:23) Chisinau, January 21.

An expert group of the Great Village International Consultants (GVIC), which is a Canadian consulting company, will render assistance to the National Regulatory Telecommunication and Information Technologies Agency (NRTIT) for working out the draft of the project for the medium-term regulation of the telecommunication market.
According to the NRTIT, the EBRD technical assistance project on the development and regulation of telecommunications was launched in October 2009. Its main objective is to render assistance to the Moldovan side in bringing the respective acts of the Moldovan Law and the new Law on Telecommunications in line with the European Union standards.
On Thursday the GVIC expert group began its visit to Chisinau, they will meet representatives of the agency and the Ministry of Information Technologies and Telecommunications; the sides will discuss projects for the development of information technologies complex, concepts for transition to digital TV and the development of the wideband Internet. These projects will be worked out by the ministry and will serve as the basis for working out a new strategy for the regulation of the telecommunication market.
The sides will also summarize the results of the first advanced training stage, which took place in December 2009 and will specify topics for the successive stages of the organization.
In accordance with the visit agenda, on January 21-22 the experts of the agency and the operators of the telecommunication market will consider economic and technical aspects of the mutual interconnection and the access to the telecommunication infrastructure, working out reference proposal on mutual interconnection, fixing prices on services...

May 2009 – Washington and Liberia: World Bank appointed Will Burnfield, Great Village Managing Director, to advise Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA), the national regulator, on development of licensing regulations, reference interconnection offer, consultation regulations, confidentiality regulations, dispute resolution regulations and compliance and enforcement regulations.

May 2009 – Washington and Liberia: World Bank appointed Will Burnfield to lead the preparation of a feasibility study to assess strategic options for Liberia Telecommunications Authority, the Government-owned CDMA operator in Liberia. Options to be assessed include privatization, equity investment, development of Monrovia fiber optic ring and international connectivity via submarine cable and terrestrial links.